A simple alternative to the Theis type curve solution

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Geography and Geology


Aquifer analysis is often concerned with determining two important aquifer properties: transmissivity and the storage coefficient. Current methods require either semilogarithmic or logarithmic graphs, Although these methods are not difficult, they are tedious and subjective, because either a linear slope must be constructed or a type curve must be matched to a series of plotted data points. A method has been developed that is a simple but viable alternative to the Theis type curve solution for confined aquifers, It is a Theisian solution, but it does not require a graph or a Theis type curve, Subjective interpretation is eliminated, because data points do not need to be plotted on any type of graph paper, and the process of matching a curve to these data points is eliminated. A computer program has been developed that further enhances the simplicity and accuracy of this method, Its results are compared with Theis type curve results using historical aquifer test data. Results indicate that this method is accurate.

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