QLab 3 show control: Projects for live performances & installations

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Communication, Media and Theatre Arts


Used from Broadway to Britiain's West End, QLab software is the tool of choice for many of the world's most prominent sound, projection, and integrated media designers. QLab 3 Show Control: Projects for Live Performances & Installations is a project-based book on QLab software covering sound, video, and show control. With information on both sound and video system basics and the more advanced functions of QLab such as MIDI show control, new OSC capabilities, networking, video effects, and microphone integration, each chapter's specific projects will allow you to learn the software's capabilities at your own pace. Tutorials and additional resources are featured at [web address to be added]. - Hundreds of screen shots and images that walk you through the step-by-step process of using QLab - Incorporates dozens of hands-on projects and Pro-Tips you can tackle at your own pace - Companion website contains more than 20 downloadable projects with detailed instructions, and resources for teachers and students alike - Up-to-date for the latest QLab features, including AU Audio Effects, Audio Slices, Mic Cues, Video Surfaces, Video Effects, Edge Blending, Masking, Corner Pins, and more.

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