Graduate Research Conference 2014 - Selected Papers


Graduate Research Conference 2014 - Selected Papers


Download Foran, Linda - Principals' Perceptions and the Law (99 KB)

Download Franck, Allison L. - Treatment Options for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Effectiveness and Application (211 KB)

Download Hernandez, Troy, Caleb Newman, Mike Seiler, & Leanne Shultz - Training Teacher Candidates to Teach in Online Learning Environments: An Analysis of Online Teaching Projects (96 KB)

Download Jones, Zachary - Using Community Charrettes to Further Ecojustice Education and Ecological Intelligence in regards to Geospatial Information & Technologies (19 KB)

Download Oh, Eunkyung - For Better English Education: Offering TESOL Classes Using Drama (76 KB)

Download Rhoades, Olivia - Acting on the Autism Spectrum: Using Drama to Promote Social Skills for Children with Autism (218 KB)

Download Ruszkiewicz, Traci - Individual Determinants of Healthcare Expenditures by Employment and Demographics (24 KB)

Download Stefanski, Lindsay - A Study of Vowels /ɛ/ and /ɪ/ in African American English and Standard American English (55 KB)

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Eastern Michigan University Graduate School


Ypsilanti, Michigan

Graduate Research Conference 2014 - Selected Papers