Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

Department or School

English Language and Literature

First Advisor

Lolita Hendrix


There are numerous nonprofit organizations in the United States that lack the budgets necessary to carry out large-scale public relations or advertising campaigns. Therefore, these organizations must learn about and utilize less expensive techniques to increase awareness and gain support for their institutions and ideas. The present thesis project has been created to help managers and personnel of nonprofit organizations gain a better understanding of those promotional tools and public relations activities most accessible to them.

General information about marketing and its four primary functions: distribution, price, product and communication are provided. The emphasis of this thesis is on the communication function of the marketing mix. Common misconceptions about various aspects of marketing are pointed out, including the difference between promotion, public relations and publicity.

The manual portion of this thesis project includes detailed information about techniques and tools, provides examples and outlines and offers tips and suggestions to nonprofits.