Beth A. Doane

Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

Department or School

Communication, Media and Theatre Arts

First Advisor

Dr. Chris Wood Foreman


Millions of people in the United States die each year from stress related disease and illness. Unfortunately the illnesses we develop through stress are treatable and most importantly preventable. My goal is to create a non-profit health center in the United States, called The Center for Holistic Health that does not focus on the mere treatment of disease but will instead promote prevention by teaching clients how to incorporate numerous different types of alternative medicine into their own lifestyles. In my project I will explain this complex process in detail since treatment programs can vary so much from client to client. The main types of alternative treatment I will focus on in my center are Ayuveda, message therapy, and aromatherapy.

Through much research I have found that for centuries Eastern cultures have embraced the concept that disease prevention is more crucial to our health then the disease treatment our western society focuses on, and I think that in order to be truly “healthy” one must lead a relaxed and nourishing lifestyle, and part of this nourishment can come from ongoing alternative medicine.