Jane Daniels

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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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When it comes to babies, things are expensive and companies are always looking to develop the most cutting edge products. Parents are constantly concerned with getting the best products in the market and doing everything right so that their child is safe and sound. But the question is how parents determine which products are the best and which ones are simply claiming to be the best. Are they simply guessing or are they looking carefully at all the facts? Parents look at product websites, consumer product review websites, consumer reports, blogs, and get word of mouth referrals to try to figure out which product is going to be the best for them. Parents do this not only because they are extremely concerned about the safety of their child but also since most first time parents generally have no idea what the differences are between products. So these first time parents are going to be easy influenced by whichever medium they are getting their information from. This could be highly logical and fact based information that is indisputable and does not vary depending on the customer. This information could be such things as how durable a product is or what safety rating the product has received. Or this information could be highly emotion oriented with a lot of emphasis placed on aspects that can vary from customer to customer. For example, the information could be about how soft/ hard the product feels or how the style can match a modern home décor. The question now is whether or not customers when choosing baby products are more influenced by products that are logic and fact centered or are they more influenced by emotion oriented aspects.