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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Dr. Carla Tayeh, Supervising Instructor


Geometry is typically thought of as a discipline in mathematics that is taught using formulas and basic shapes, but this idea is only the beginning. Geometry can be combined with art to enhance mathematical lessons for students. Educators must realize that visual representations of different mathematical concepts are a wonderful way to teach children geometry in a meaningful way. The “fundamental notion that integrating the arts into one’s teaching can help facilitate learning in the mathematics classroom, as the arts can recapture the wonder of learning mathematics. The connection between instruction and imagination is bridged and learning becomes play, and play becomes learning” (Muller and Ward 22). This paper includes 7 lessons that integrate geometry with art, which will enhance the students’ learning. Each lesson can be modified for any grade between kindergarten and 6th grade. These modifications will be explored in this paper along with the lesson idea. Finally, professional artwork of each type will be explored. Each piece investigated has significant mathematical ties and will be examined in the paper.