Matt Balke

Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

Department or School

Communication, Media and Theatre Arts

First Advisor

Dr. John Cooper

Second Advisor

Professor Wallace Bridges

Third Advisor

Dr. Chris Wood Foreman


To gain increased ability in working with movies, two films were made, one of which was an adaptation of a novel. An adaptation of that adaptation was also made in the form of a play, in an effort to gain greater theatrical skill. Using the experience of working on a similar story in the form of both a movie and a play, the similarities and differences of the two mediums were compared and contrasted. These projects were also used, along with some research, to gain increased theoretical and practical knowledge of what goes into making a good adaptation. It was determined that, for movies and plays, neither one is essentially better than the other overall, but that there are certain areas where each one does excel. As for adaptations, key areas were identified as being likely to cause an adaptations success or failure, both for faithful and loose adaptations.