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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Technology Studies


Creating a conservation plan for a collection of garments and accessories is crucial in keeping the collection alive and accessible to others. Without structure and proper handling, a collection will fall into disarray and the valuable information and potential use of the collection will be lost. The public interest in such collections is growing and museums must create structure in order to adapt. If completed successfully, a properly cared for collection will serve as a valuable asset to the greater body of knowledge. The collection within Eastern Michigan University is in such a state that it requires a protocol system to be developed and executed in order for the collection to survive and become accessible to others. I will research and propose a system based on the practices of several similar institutions. This research includes plans for a website, proper photography of items within the collection, searchable database, and developing a catalog system. These areas will be the main focus, with handling, storage, supplies, and lab protocols as secondary areas to address. This project resulted in the development of a “Starters Manual” for the collection, which addresses these areas. Due to this research, future classes will be able to implement the practices outlined within. Also, outside individuals and institutions will be able to access information regarding the collection.