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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Social Work


Previous research has not addressed multiple role transitions for women; this is the purpose of this study. Women spend their days juggling multiple roles trying to do it all. Historically women’s roles have been that of housewife and mother. No longer is the women’s place only in the home. This research builds on the author’s earlier semi-structured qualitative research inquiry, finding that many women try to do it all even when they know they are suffering physically, mentally and spiritually (Addendum A). My present work, which is heuristic in nature, discusses what I discovered during a year of journaling. The expectation is that the journal illustrates rich and robust descriptions of multiple role transitions. The most significant difference between my research study on multiple role transitions and the present study is the depth and quantity of information available for analysis from my journal entries. The study implies that self-preservation, attitude, and social support, were coping means I utilized with multiple role transitions when adding a new role as full-time student to my existing roles.