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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Technology Studies


The scope of my thesis was to develop fabric seam using synthetic or a blend of natural and synthetic fabric by an ultrasonic sewing machine. This fabric will be tested for usual seam quality.

The methodology that was used is the utilization of the ultrasonic sewing machine. The intended seam was used to sew polyester and polyester cotton fabric to produce women’s blouses. Using the same fabric, traditional seam with needle and thread was prepared. Seam strength and stiffness were measured using ASTM standard methods.

Knowledge generated in this project will be presented in the thesis. Successful techniques will provide an alternative method of manufacturing clothing. This has an environmental effect in that it reduces the significant amount of waste that we produce every year in garment manufacturing. Furthermore, recycling of garments will be easier

because no foreign matter (thread) is introduced into the garment when ultrasonic seaming is used. The research conducted will provide information on advanced textile technology since this project involves recent developments in textile construction.