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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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As a supply chain major, I am constantly learning about what makes an organization leaner and how to provide better customer service. I have also learned that technology is constantly evolving and businesses are taking advantage of these opportunities more than ever. Technology is providing companies with ways to become faster and more efficient in all areas of the supply chain, from the original equipment manufacturer down to the end consumer. The purpose of this research paper is to explore one technology that has made a great impact on the supply chain and is increasingly becoming more popular. RFID Technology is a smarter way to track shipments, time deliveries, and keep inventories; this in turn makes processes faster, more efficient, and with less error. It goes beyond other systems because it encompasses more information than prior technologies.

My research will explore; the methodology for obtaining information, a literature review on RFID technology and the supply chain, definitions of supply chain management and radio frequency technology plus their history, components of RFID, industries that currently use the technology, the integration into the supply chain, the implementation process, the difference between RFID and the barcode, the benefits and challenges, and concluding remarks. RFID Technology and the supply chain were chosen because together they are making a large impact on one another. It is important to explore what is happening in business today in order to complete a better understanding. In part of doing this senior thesis, my goal is to further my knowledge as well as, help others to understand the importance what is currently taking place. This impact is something that is often overlooked or unknown, but is a large part of what is happening in many companies today. The methodology behind this paper provides the foundation for the topics and end conclusions.