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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Technology Studies


Very few hotels are able to consider themselves to be truly luxury. These hotels hold a certain mystique that invites their guests to continually return, no matter what the cost is. While luxury is providing something exclusive that is not found everywhere, it is also becoming more about the experience (Allcock, 2007). Today, luxury hotels are aiming for ultra-luxury, and to do this, service and people factors make a huge difference (Tungate, 2009). The luxury concept includes being exclusive, sophisticated, and indulging your guests (Allcock, 2007). It is crucial that the design and service follow these concepts (Gunter, 2005). These hotels are expected to provide their guests with the best of everything (Sheehan, 2007). Maintaining this level of service is done through understanding guests’ expectations, setting service standards to meet these expectations, training the staff to follow these service standards, guiding the guests’ experiences, and identifying and closing service gaps.