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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Social Work

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Tana Bridge


Every year, thousands of children wait in the Michigan foster care system for a permanent family. Families that express interest in foster care or adoption encounter a complicated and complex child welfare system. In the end, the majority of families that express interest do no progress to fostering or adopting (Katz, Wilson & Green, 2005). There are potential barriers at every step of the process that can impact a family's progress towards providing a home and a family for a waiting child (McRoy, 2007). This study seeks to answer the question: Once interest has been expressed, what are the reasons behind a family's decision to continue, or discontinue the foster care licensing or adoption home study process? One hundred and thrity-nine Michigan families who expressed an interest in foster care or adoption in 2009 completed on online questionnaire. Both qualitative and quantitative data were used to examine the results.

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