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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Dawn Pearcy


This research paper examines air cargo infrastructure in the developing world and seeks to apply those findings to the specific air cargo infrastructure situation in Pune, Maharashtra India ( a medium-sized city in need of airfreight infrastructure improvements), as well as determine how it will benefit businesses and the economy. By examining the current state of the air cargo industry, throughout India and the rest of the world along with insights from within the industry popular press and academic journal articles, it was determined that effective usage of facilities and integration (separate parties working together to ensure efficient flow of cargo) and links between other points in the supply chain are important in designing a logistics facility. Additionally, in planning for both intermodal and air-cargo-only facilities, input and buy-in from relevant stakeholders will be very important to ensure the success of a project in Pune. Improved capabilities would allow companies to reduce their costs, and could also have a positive effect on the secondary (non-manufacturing) sector.