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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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World Languages


This dissertation takes a look at the influence both Japanese and American cultures have on their respective marketing practices. First, the historical marketing of products in Japan and America during the coinciding portion of Japan's Edo period and America's colonial period will be examined. In comparing the advertising methods of both countries' antiquated product ads, one can see the cultural roots of marketing. It is from these roots that today's marketing methods have been established. Next, the cultural backgrounds of both Japan and America influence the way they interpret the 4P's of marketing. Product and marketing development, product testing, market share and profitability, pricing,distribution channels, advertising, and customer service will be examined under each of the 4P categories. Three advertising campaigns run in Japan and America for the same products will also be compared and contrasted. Though there are similarities, the ads are also quite distinct from one another culturally. These differences will be explained and there will be discussion as to why the elements used in each advertisement are related to Japanese or American culture. Finally, the findings will be summarized and the idea of whether or not marketing in Japan could be utilized in America and vice versa will be explored.