Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

Department or School

Engineering Technology

First Advisor

Benedict D. Ilozor


Invigorated Project Delivery (IPD) is one of the newest delivery methods within the construction industry. This new approach revolutionizes the way projects are conducted by creating a collaborative work environment that harnesses the resources of its participants to create a finished product that is both of a higher quality and cheaper. This is made possible through the delivery method's unique focus which prides itself on its reputation for increasing efficiency levels and reducing project waste. Even though IPD is wonderful delivery method that looks great on paper, it does not change the fact that the delivery method is currently struggling to produce successful projects.

Many professionals ignore the issues surrounding failed projects and merely push IPD off as a failed process. These individuals believe it is the delivery methods fault by claiming the process is flawed. However, such individuals are neglecting to consider alternative issues surrounding their failed projects. After all, the delivery method is not the only piece of the project delivery puzzle. The IPD contract provides detail on how a project will be delivered. Essentially everything there is to know will be located within a project's contract. My theory is IPD contracts are limiting the success of this delivery method.

This research thesis will set out to accomplish two goals: First, determine if IPD contracts are limiting the delivery methods success. Upon determining the merit of this claim, the research will then tum to the areas of the contracts that may be responsible for limiting IPD's success.

IPD is currently believed to be a failed method. I hope this thesis shows otherwise.