Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

Department or School

Special Education

First Advisor

Jacquelyn S. McGinnis, Ph.D., Supervising Instructor

Second Advisor

Lidia Lee, Ph.D., Honors Advisor


This project will consist of an in-depth review of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and their increasing role in districts and schools across the country. This project will document successes of PLCs and those components of a PLC that are most essential to the success of beginning and maintaining one. It will also look at the barriers that arise in attempting to implement a PLC in a district and/or school, and how best to overcome those barriers. Finally, this project will focus on the implications for special education when formulating and implementing a PLC in a school.

Methodology will consist of library and/or archival research, along with attendance at a PLC conference and interviews with those administrators attempting to start a PLC in their respective schools.

The final form of this completed thesis will be a lengthy research paper, including the implications for special education in the implementation and administration of PLCs.

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Education Commons