Amit Singh

Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

Department or School

Computer Information Systems

First Advisor

Huei Lee

Second Advisor

Sock Chung


The website under consideration for this project is represents the primary website of CL Cloud Computing Group, which provides consulting services to academic and business societies in the areas of web hosting, web designing, database management, computer networking, computer programming, enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, IT auditing etc. The website serves not only as the primary website for the company, but also hosts a number of other websites that manage content in order to accomplish the following:

1. Online submission of research papers

2. Access to published journals

3. Publications from other conferences

4. Websites from other organizations

5. Instructional resources

However, the website suffers various drawbacks in critical areas of web design and development. There is absence of a user authentication system, lack of a professional visual design and layout, and an inadequate navigational structure. Due to these issues and others as discussed in the project scope, the website fails to appeal to its intended audience and fulfill its purpose, which is to serve as a sound system for the student and business community using its web applications. The aim of this project is to enhance while addressing the issues with the existing system.

The gap between the existing system and the intended system provides an opportunity to study and implement various aspects of web design and development technologies.