Amber Smith

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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Social Work

First Advisor

Dr. Barbara Walters

Second Advisor

Dr. Yvette Colon


The project goal was to conduct a needs assessment concerning what factors were most important to survivors of domestic violence in terms of post-shelter living. A review of the literature on domestic violence research indicated a lack of studies focusing on long term stability planning. A survey was developed to be distributed among survivors living in a domestic violence shelter. The survey asked the survivors to rate how imp01iant different categories of services of post-shelter living were to them. These categories were: Housing, Education/Employment, Access to Community Services, Services for Children, and Healthcare. The survivors were then asked how important specific services within these categories were to them. While the survey was distributed to survivors at one domestic violence shelter, many barriers prevented any data from being analyzed. This thesis will explore those barriers and possible ways in which future research might overcome them.

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Social Work Commons