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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Dennis Delprato

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Natalie Dove

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Carol Freedman


Research has shown not only that subjectivity and objectivity are two very important concepts when it comes to scientific studies, but also that human tendencies towards duality have reinforced the opposition of these concepts. It is evident that objectivity and subjectivity differ, but this study was designed to evaluate how much the concepts really differ and how they are defined in the thinking of people. The study uses a Q methodological approach to measure the viewpoints of the faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences at Eastern Michigan University by having them sort a list of potential viewpoints on subjectivity and objectivity onto a matrix ranging from agree to disagree. Q methodology allows for a scientific measurement of subjective viewpoints, resulting in data that can be evaluated using factor analysis software. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the results of the Q sort to determine the factors of subjectivity and objectivity and how the viewpoints of the faculty of various departments relate and differ on the topic.

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Psychology Commons