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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Music and Dance

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Laura Zimmerman

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David M. Pierce

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Diane L. Winder


Dance as a form of therapy for older patients (70+ years old) offers a unique solution to the discrepancy between the mind and body that we see in the aging process. Though loss of muscle mass in aging is not a necessary part of aging, it can lead to inactivity in aging adults. Inactivity due to limited range of motion in older patients can result in negative feelings of self-worth. This action plan for older patients is a multidisciplinary approach to dance therapy as a tool for improving body posture and, therefore, overall quality of life. By looking at the kinematics of posture, psychological factors in aging, and the positive impacts of individuals moving in order to actively interact with their environment; dance therapy can increase the overall health of the older patient. A literature search is combined with personal fieldwork experiences and an interview with a local Dance Therapist to integrate informed conclusions into a unified dance therapy plan. This action plan is one example of how dance therapy can be integrated into health programs.

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