Molly Peabody

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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Special Education

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Ann Orr

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Rhonda Kraai

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Janet Fisher


When a child requires hospitalization, medical professionals focus first and foremost on meeting the physical needs of the patient. A developing trend in pediatric care, however; takes into account the social and emotional needs of the child, and recognizes the impact of emotion, behavior and social supports on healing and wellness. Research indicates the effectiveness, and necessity, of the comprehensive biopychosocial approach to pediatric hospital care, utilizing specific behavior management techniques rooted in t

Equipping young patients with such a skill set will enable them to better cope with the emotional aspects of being sick or injured, and provide them with vital, life-long skills. An exciting new practice is the integration of psychosocial interventions with innovative interactive patient care technology. This pilot study describes how one Midwestern children's hospital has begun to explore the use of tablet-based applications to leach and support patients with the skills necessary to cope with pain, stress, and other behavioral issues of pediatric hospitalization.