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Campus Only Senior Honors Thesis

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Health Sciences

First Advisor

Robbya R. Green-Weir

Second Advisor

Minnie Bluhm


According to peer-reviewed sources, music therapy is a concept that has been used since the late 1700s to reduce pain and stress within patients. Music therapist and healthcare providers state that the use of music therapy should be recognized as an effective practice in medicine. Based on the research presented, supplementing appropriate medical regiments that aid pain management, with music therapy has continually helped to improve health outcomes. As treatment options become readily available, many people are using music therapy as an alternative medical option to address treatable ailments. This reading examines the challenges, benefits, and alterative options available in order to create an innovative healthcare program for implementation within a healthcare system focused around the principles of music therapy. This reading will also provide an example of an innovative beside music comprehensive business and marketing plan targeted towards healthcare administrators.