Adele Schultz

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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Health Promotion and Human Performance

First Advisor

Brenda Riemer

Second Advisor

Jodi Schumacher


The purpose of this study was to analyze the use of social media in the National Football League (NFL), the Australian Football League (AFL), NCAA - Football, and the Australian minor leagues of: the Western Australian Football League, the South Australian National Football League, and the Victorian Football League. Each league had a three-month analysis, in which the results were broken up into four categories of: (l) team sponsor/partner promotional Tweets, (2) team promotion, (3) negative behavior, and (4) other. Findings illustrated that the the NFL utilized Twitter more frequently than the AFL. The NFL also Tweeted more frequently than the NCAA. However, the NCAA utilized Twitter more than the Australian minor leagues. Finally, the AFL was more efficient in Twitter use than the Australian minor leagues.