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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Communication, Media and Theatre Arts

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Dennis Patrick


There have been numerous studies conducted on the subject of gay parenting. Though the myths have been debunked over and over, many people still believe that same-sex couples will not make suitable parents. There are a number of reasons one might have this opinion, but one justification people vocalize is that gay parents raise gay children. Studies have concluded this to be false, yet there is still a concern amongst many who oppose same-sex couples adopting. A question that has been brought up by people who have little to no experience with this situation is "how do gay parents talk to their children about sex?" This is the research question that this study will attempt to answer. This research will attempt to determine whether or not there are differences in the way that homosexual and heterosexual parents approach this subject with their children. The hypothesis for this research is that heterosexual and gay parents have similar communication patterns when speaking with their children about sex, and that little or no differences will be discovered with this research.