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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Health Sciences

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David Thomas


Activity analysis forms are a tool used by a recreational therapist to determine the inherent requirements placed on the participant of an activity physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. Activity analysis forms provide information about the functional demands placed on the participant in an activity and allows the therapist to determine the best activities to meet the functional needs of the client. Although several professions, in addition to recreation therapy use activity analysis forms, none have been tested for reliability and validity. The present study tested the Activity Assessment on Cognition Scale (AACS) on interrater reliability based on 49 administrations among a sample of direct-care professionals at a local hospital. Findings indicated the percent of agreement over two-point intervals of a five point Likert scale for the 16 subcategories of cognition ranged from 86% to 65%. The results suggest that some subcategories of cognition are better understood by raters than others. Future development of the AACS will include strengthening the descriptors and re-assessing the administrative process.