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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Julie Slack

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Michael Williams


This literature review explores several published articles that report results related to health benefits of super-fruits including Montmorency tart cherries and pomegranate. Research suggests that Montmorency tart cherry supplementation may have the ability to relieve pain by decreasing inflammation, prevent gout flare ups by reducing uric acid levels in the bloodstream, relieve insomnia with natural exogenous melatonin, and lessen symptoms of muscle damage from physical exertion by decreasing oxidative stress. Studies have also shown that pomegranate supplementation may have the ability to help prevent obesity by helping to decrease body weight and fat production and improving insulin sensitivity as well as reducing the risk for heart disease by preventing low density lipoproteins from accumulating and causing atherosclerosis. Studies also claim that pomegranate can be beneficial in treating gastrointestinal ailments, cancer prevention, wound healing. The following literature review will delve deeper into the mechanisms by which Montmorency tart cherries and pomegranate affect the human body.