James Smith

Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

Department or School

Computer Information Systems

First Advisor

Huei Lee

Second Advisor

Sock H. Chung


This creative project was created using an agile development process. Working in coordination with an organization called the Sword of the Spirit, a website was developed for their use. Using the agile approach, multiple iterations of the project were created and brought back to the organization for testing and feedback. The website was developed and is currently working here:

For this project, a website, administrative email, and data collection and storage process were created. Security was added to ensure only registered profile holders would be able to view the information on the website. This was developed solely for the Sword of the Spirit to use. The purpose for developing this website was to provide a place for the Sword of the Spirit members to be able to connect with each other to find housing when visiting another city. This is a global organization so having a tool that will help members, travelling to other cities where there are communities, find housing with members of the local community is incredibly helpful.

The focus of the project was to develop a product with an organization according to their specifications. This website is currently being tested on a national level. In the future, plans have been made to coordinate efforts to integrate the current site into one for global use.