Conor O'Dowd

Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

Department or School

Geography and Geology

First Advisor

Christine M. Clark

Second Advisor

Steve LoDuca


Volcanic ash begins to weather upon deposition, resulting in the in situ development of clay minerals in the glass pore spaces. Almquist (2011) established a classification scheme of weathering based on ash deposits in New Zealand using an SEM. We are examining volcanic ash collected from Mount St. Helens, New Zealand, and Cobble Cuesta of the Gabbs Valley Basin to broaden the classification scheme based on morphology and authigenic clay mineral composition. SEM and XRD analysis of the material were used to get a better understanding of the morphology and geochemistry of the weathering products. By broadening the weathering classification scheme, we can establish a useful tool for researchers to analyze weathering differences between sites and events.

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Geology Commons