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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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James Krolik

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Anushri Rawat


Canton Gymnastics Academy (CGA) will offer many different programs for athletes looking to enter a cheerleading or gymnastics program. The focus will be on providing professional, knowledgeable advice and training to all athletes who enter the doors. As with any sport, CGA will ensure that athletes know correct techniques to execute skills they are learning. This will help ensure that they suffer less bodily injuries throughout their career and they'll have less issues as adults. CGA will be registered as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with the state of Michigan.

Specifically, CGA will provide two program areas, each with different programs within. The first area will be cheerleading. In this program, Canton Gymnastics Academy will offer both recreational classes and a competitive team. Each of which will be explained later in this plan. The second area will be gymnastics; the main focus of the gym. This program will consist of recreational classes and a competitive team as well, however, due to the nature of the sport and the crowd it attracts, this program will be on a larger scale than the cheerleading program.