Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Senior Honors Thesis


Communication, Media and Theatre Arts

First Advisor

Pirooz Aghssa

Second Advisor

Dennis Patrick O'Grady


My Honors Thesis Recital is the culmination of my study of how singing techniques and styles have changed in musical theatre since its Golden Age in the 1940's and 50's from a semi-classical, operatic style and technique, to a sound much more infused with jazz, pop, rock, and other contemporary music styles. This recital explores works by some of the greatest musical theatre composers and lyricists, starting with giants like Rodgers and Hammerstein and Leonard Bernstein, and working up to present day with modern greats like Stephen Sondheim, Stephen Schwartz, and Jason Robert Brown. I will demonstrate the evolution of musical theatre styles and vocal techniques using the works of these legends in my recital. Included is a video of the recital, and lyrics to each of the songs.

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