Sanduni Silva

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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Julie Slack

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Michael Williams


Chapter one will explore nursing models for culturally competent care and review three different theorists. First theorists, Campinha-Bacote (2008), will explain the model of cultural competence. Second theorist, Giger and Davidhizar talks about the model of transcultural nursing. Their theorist, Leininger, will explain cultural care diversity and universality theory/model. Chapter two will explain the differences between the first three cultures which include Muslim, Jewish, an Chinese. This will include the types of foods they may eat, religions they follow along with religious practices , and what each culture may find as social norms. When talking about social norms, with each culture, the way each of them perceive health care and when will they seek for it will be evaluated as well. Chapter three will explore the perception and expression of pain in Muslim, Jewish and Chinese culture. Chapter four will describe health care disparities in Muslim, Jewish, Chinese, African American and Mexican culture. These health disparities can be impacted by a culture's beliefs and alternative medicines. Chapter five will discuss recommendations for nurses, on caring for a person from different cultures for that they feel more comfortable in American hospitals.

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