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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Health Sciences


With new research, technology, and a patient that has become increasingly esthetics oriented, the future of dentistry is looking monetary stable. However, in order for the dental profession to continue to evolve, adapt, and meet the needs of underserved population, they will need to increase their manpower. Dental manpower is low due to the closing of some dental schools, decreased numbers of positions at those schools, and the unattractiveness of practicing in the underserved areas. Those who suffer most from this lack of manpower are the uninsured, poor, elderly, disabled, and those living in under served regions. To deal with this shortage in dental care providers, there needs to be an increase in dental caregivers. This can b e accomplished by funding existing and new dental schools, and offering financial incentives to practice in the underserved regions. This will be beneficial to the overall health of the underserved and the overall success of the dental profession.