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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Dr. Loverich

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Dr. Jefferson

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Dr. Freedman-Doan


Social Media Use (SMU) is a relatively new phenomenon, but one which has rapidly become ubiquitous in common culture, globally. Many users report benefit and some research supports assertions that there are benefits to be gleaned from healthy SMU. However, there are a great deal of studies exploring risks and negative consequences for some users. More specifically, there is a growing body of research considering whether SMU is an addictive behavior that may function to regulate emotion. Emotion Regulation (ER) has not been studied in any depth in relation to SMU, but has been studied in relation to established addictions. It is the purpose of this paper to explore existing research and ways in which current knowledge supports new ER questions and to explore considerations of protections related to SMU, particularly those related to psychological and behavioral intervention in cases in which SMU has become harmful.

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