Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

Department or School

Political Science

First Advisor

Jeffrey L. Bernstein

Second Advisor

David Klein


The process of peacebuilding in post-conflict regions is a delicate process, contingent upon the participation of all societal groups and the search for a culture of peace. This process is greatly impacted by the role of the historical memory within a state, as well as the mass media’s shaping and maintenance of historical memory of which is influenced greatly by the State Apparatus and state ideology. In this thesis we attempt to develop a solid basis for analyzing the interplay between the three concepts of historical memory, the role of the media in shaping historical memory, and the processes of peacebuilding to come, through a case based study of Catalonia, Spain—a region with prolonged conflict and violence, including regional autonomy during the 1936-39 civil war era and the more recent secessionist movement since 2010.