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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Communication, Media and Theatre Arts

First Advisor

Jeannette Kindred

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Anita Rich

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Kathleen H. Stacey


As more organizations face the growing need to accommodate employees who are unable to work in a traditional face-to-face office environment, many turn to new computer programs that can connect all employees. These programs, generally referred to as online collaboration platforms, help to connect members of an organization while enhancing productivity and allowing work to be completed from around the world. While there is extensive research on the structure and nature of communication within virtual teams, there has been little research on the implications of online collaboration platforms on virtual teams. This study demonstrates how employees work with one another and communicate while using online collaboration platforms. This study featured interviews conducted at multiple businesses for data collection with the intent of exploring different uses of online collaboration platforms, finding that online collaboration platforms are making virtual work more convenient, particularly when used by virtual teams. By studying the differentiating perspectives of multiple organizations, this study contrasts the differences in usage of the software and the perceived impact that using the software has on the workplace communication of its users.

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Communication Commons