Kevin Higman

Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

Department or School

Technology Studies

First Advisor

James Banfield

Second Advisor

Phil Rufe


In order to improve upon existing online lab platforms, in an attempt to increase student motivation, gamification has been used to create a new gamified web application. Departmental research has shown gamification to provide significant improvement to student’s self-efficacy and motivation. Neuralabs, a web application created by two Eastern Michigan Honors Students, uses techniques often found in popular video games in order to create a more appealing learning experience. Building a public web application designed towards Cybersecurity students creates many technical security challenges. Neuralabs goal is to create a secure competitive learning experience where students can create and take labs without the traditional obstacles faced with lab distribution. Neuralabs was built with expandability in mind with every aspect of the project being documented in hope of inspiring future development.