Erin Main

Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

Department or School


First Advisor

Megan Simon

Second Advisor

Ryan English

Third Advisor

Sandra Murchison


It is common for amateur animators to feel overwhelmed by the process of animation, especially by the prices of applications used by many big studios. These applications are often thought to be necessary to produce work equivalent to that of bigger productions and can cause artists’ financial strain. While paid applications are useful, often making the animation process faster and easier, they are not the only option. Open-source programs have the same abilities as paid applications but are overlooked for more mainstream products. I am seeking to prove that animators can create festival quality work using low-cost and open-source applications. By making an animation in this way, I can definitively prove that animators are not constrained by the products they use, but by their willingness to create.