Quinn Higgins

Date Approved


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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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First Advisor

Natalie Dove, PhD

Second Advisor

Ann R. Eisenberg, PhD


The purpose of this project was to discover how certain psychological, structural, and demographic variables have contributed to people’s attitudes and perceptions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has impacted people’s everyday lives. The goal of this research was to understand how these variables, as well as individual’s knowledge of the current pandemic, their access to resources, and how they perceive and adhere to suggested safety behaviors can help us to discover why certain populations are significantly affected by COVID- 19. In particular, this research focused on how participants’ perceptions of healthcare and the support that they receive from healthcare professionals has changed their understanding and education about the pandemic, and how this has impacted their decisions of vaccination, social distancing, mask-wearing and other safety guidelines mentioned by professional entities like the CDC. Data were obtained through a survey sent to participants and analyzed to determine whether findings were in support of the proposed hypothesis. Implications for the findings will be discussed.

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Psychology Commons