Sarah Raby

Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

Department or School

Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology

First Advisor

Grigoris Argeros, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Julian Murchison, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Ann R. Eisenberg, Ph.D.


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an extremely sensitive and passionate subject; however, it is often misrepresented in western media. The military occupation and illegal settler colonialism practices of Israel have led to numerous human rights abuses and ultimately have persuaded many international watchdogs, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, to label Israel an apartheid state. This literature review will discuss the tools of occupation used by Israel to oppress Palestinians including the separation wall, restriction of movement and blockades, and home demolition. It will further examine in detail the use of mass incarceration and excessive force used by military and police as a tool of occupation, the restriction to access of water Israel imposes on Palestinians and the U.S. complacency in the Israeli occupation of Palestine. By exploring the practices of oppression, this paper will explain why the Israeli occupation and settler colonialism have created a humanitarian crisis in the West Bank and Gaza.

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Sociology Commons