Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

Department or School

Political Science

First Advisor

Gregory Plagens, Ph.D

Second Advisor

Barbara Patrick, Ph.D

Third Advisor

Ann R. Eisenberg, Ph.D.


The literature on food insecurity in America is extensive, but there is still a lack of understanding of urban/rural differences. Food insecure populations in urban communities undoubtedly experience different and unique challenges to food access than food insecure populations in rural areas. While urban households may face a lack of options for fresh produce, rural households may find that they live an inaccessible distance from the nearest grocer. Through analysis of the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey and Food Security Supplement, this project seeks to discover common, underlying variables in food-insecure communities in metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas in America’s East North Central Region (Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio) to better understand the policy environment surrounding food security in America.