Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

Department or School

Technology Studies

First Advisor

Professor Darcelle D. White


Internet crime against children is a growing concern today for parents, educators and law enforcement alike as well as an all too frequent topic in the news. This thesis will discuss trends, history, and statistics regarding child pornography and online enticement of children. The paper will identify specific issues and unique characteristics encountered when attempting to deter, legislate and prosecute these crimes. Especially problematic and worrisome is the highly debated issues of morphed, virtual or computer generated images of children used in child pornography. Included are data from state and federal law enforcement agencies with cyber crime units, related organizations and actual cases. Trends in the courts in confronting this issue from both the perspective of the victims and the perpetrators will be examined. A timeline of past, current and pending statutes, legislation and case law both on the state and national levels will also be discussed and analyzed. The paper will identify strategies proposed by the legal system as well as those thoughts and beliefs of the author on how to deter this growing crime in cyberspace.