Nichole Sayer

Date Approved


Date Posted


Degree Type

Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

Department or School

Music and Dance

First Advisor

Emily Benner, MM

Second Advisor

Brandon Johnson, DMA


The goal of this creative project was to explore how this writer’s authentic voice has developed in regards to identity, clinical experience, and vocal technique while a student at Eastern Michigan University. In addition, this senior project also aims to examine the benefits of singing with a group both in and outside of therapeutic environments. This project includes the preparation and performance of a one hour vocal music recital, a short reflection paper on the experience, and a review of the literature researching the benefits of group singing. The first half of the recital included both French and Italian classical repertoire, as well as two self accompanied guitar pieces that asked the audience to sing with the performer. The second half of the recital featured contemporary styles from musical theater and jazz. Findings in the literature show that singing with others can provide a participant with improved emotional, social, physical, and spiritual health.