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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Jenni Putz, Ph.D.

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Amanda Stype, Ph.D.

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Peter Higgins, Ph.D.


An ex-ante cost benefit analysis of the Vegas Loop was executed, where the possible costs and benefits of implementing the entirety of the project were quantified in monetary terms to measure the consequences of it on all members of society. The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop is a tunnel system which utilizes human-controlled Tesla Model X and Y vehicles to move passengers around the city of Las Vegas, directly to their destination without additional stops. For this analysis, the considered benefits were: fares, reduced travel times, reduced emissions, and bolstering of tourism. Conversely, the considered costs included: the implementation cost, the maintenance costs, and construction costs. The current functioning portion of the Loop, meaning the 5 stations and 1.7 miles, were used to project results for the entire Loop, including the currently in-progress and unbuilt portions.

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