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Open Access Senior Honors Thesis

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Christopher Elias, Ph.D.

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Amanda Stype, Ph.D.

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Peter Higgins, Ph.D.


This analysis values Amazon (AMZN) as it relates to prospective investors through a financial and economic lens. It provides an investment recommendation using various methodical analyses: Porter 5 Forces Framework, financial statement analysis, economic analysis, and a review of the company. The Porter 5 Forces Framework identifies key forces within Amazon’s industry that could result in negative or positive impact. The financial statement analysis measures the financial health and capability of the company. The economic analysis analyzes the current state of the economy and its effect to Amazon. The review of the company reveals significant risks that create undesirable performance of Amazon’s stock price. Major findings were that Amazon holds promising ability to generate future cash flows from operations and minimize the impact of losses from unsuccessful operations. The United States economy is found to be in a current state of recession. The investment recommendation highlights important suggestions for the investor.

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Economics Commons