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While walking through the isle of never ending glossy magazine covers, one can easily notice the differences between men's and women's magazines. It is not something that people notice right away, but it is something worth looking at. Obviously, the magazine industry creates the covers of its magazines, as well as the articles, to attract people to buy its magazines.

Through flashy covers and screaming tag lines men and women alike are overwhelmed with pressure to buy various magazines. Magazines almost stare at you from the stands at supermarket check out aisles. Words such as make-up, sex, beer, diet, and beautiful grab your attention, almost hypnotizing you with their glow. Women half naked on men’s covers have breasts they flaunt, push up, or wear in under-wired and padded bras, or cosmetically enhance (Timson). These scantily clad women are wearing the Playmate of the Year bathing suit and advertising diets, beer, sex and gadgets to men everywhere. Women’s magazines have similar appeal. The tag lines read of love, romance, sexual pleasures, and beauty. Beautifully dressed women fill the cover and almost show women that they to could look like the model on the cover. All they have to do is buy this magazine. These screaming tag lines and beautiful women are enticing men and women alike to pick up the magazine and read.

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