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George Bird, "Permanence and Change in the Theater," 1963


George Bird


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P. George Bird (12/31/1927 - 5/6/2016) was hired by Eastern Michigan University in 1955 and taught there for 52 years, directing scores of plays, designing sets and lights for hundreds of productions, and challenging and inspiring thousands of students. His legacy to the University also includes profound influence over the design of both the Quirk and Sponberg Theaters on the EMU campus. In this presentation, Bird discusses the importance of change in theater, while also emphasizing the essentiality of permanence. While styles, genres, and trends of theater may change over time, the permanence of the actors can not be challenged.


American theater, Greek Theater, Aristotle, Plato, William Shakespeare, Robert Edmonds Jones, catharsis, tragic play, tragic comedy

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