Notley Maddox, Poetry Reading, 1968


Notley Maddox, Poetry Reading, 1968


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Notley Maddox served as a professor of English at Eastern Michigan University from 1947-1970. In his time with the English Department, he stimulated, delighted, and exasperated students and faculty alike with his sharp wit and deep literary knowledge. In this audio recording, Maddox gives a reading of his favorite authors, including Emerson, Melville, and Hawthorne. The night of the event was evidently a blustery, snowy night, and Maddox tailors his reading list accordingly, speaking about snow as metaphor, and reading several passages which feature snow and general weather themes. The tape is cut off near the end, as it suddenly moves to high speed.


Notley Maddox, student literary organizations, EASE, Department of English, Hermann Melville, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, poetry reading

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Notley Maddox, Poetry Reading, 1968