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Reinhard Wittke, "A German Problem," 1963


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Reinhard Wittke was a professor in the History Department at Eastern Michigan University from 1956-1990. During his time at Eastern, Wittke established and was best known for establishing the European Adventure Tours in 1960, which became International Studies Program. He toured Europe with EMU students until 2007. In this presentation, Wittke details Germany’s place in the modern world, remarking that after the ascension of the United States as a world power, common views of Germany were rooted in negative stereotypes reflecting the good vs. bad binary with which Americans view the world. Effective diplomacy, Reinhard says, is essential to maintaining a global balance of power and stabilty.


Russia, Cold War, German Democratic Republic, Third Reich, United Nations, World War I, Trizonia, World War II, Berlin Blockade, post-World War II Europe, Cold War Diplomacy, Potsdam

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Reinhard Wittke,